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Are you building or renovating a barn? We manufacture, high quality, non rusting aluminum horse stalls to fit any barn scenario. 

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When considering horse stall components for your stable or facility, ARMOUR Companies offers custom fitted components conforming to our customer’s measurements routinely avoiding additional labor costs for installations due to renovation of existing stalls or new construction.

ARMOUR Companies has a complete selection of Aluminum Stall Components including: Sliding Stall Doors, Stall Gates, Stall Front Grilles, Partition Grilles, Double Dutch Doors, Shutters and **End Barn Doors. Standard and custom sizes are available in a variety of choices, innovative styles and designs.

Each component manufactured adheres to the highest quality standards among the industry. Throughout the Armour product line all Non-Rusting Aluminum materials are used for durability and minimal maintenance as well as providing an attractive stall appearance.

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